Browsing for some interesting facts about the Libra zodiac sign? Here are some astrology traits and tidbits about this air sign of Libra.

This air sign loves being around other people. People born under this sign are drawn to balance and symmetry, which explains why they always seek for justice and equality.

Additionally, Libras are some of the most clever and interesting people you’ll ever meet. For starters, they’re aesthetically pleasing and very organized. And as a master of diplomacy and compromise, a Libra sees and considers all points of view, making them a great mediator between others.

What Is A Libra? Astrology Facts And FAQ About This Air Sign

Want to know more about this sign? Keep reading as we will be talking a lot more about Libra.

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Libra Dates

People born between the dates of September 23 and October 22 are Libras.

Libra Facts

Below are some facts about Libra:

  1. The ruling planet of Libra is Venus, alluding to the sign’s eye for beauty and a keen sense of balance.
  2. It represents the Scales since Libra is someone who carefully measures and weighs things. This symbol also signifies the Libra’s trait of being fair-minded and peacemaker.
  3. Libra’s element is air, representing its adaptability in many situations. Libras also have an affinity for ease in exploring the work with poise and grace, which is akin to the elegant flow of the air.
  4. Hydrangeas are the perfect personification of Libra’s sincerity and understanding persona. Its flower arrangement also captures the sign’s gentle and thoughtful disposition.
  5. Its metal association is copper, which is associated with love, beauty and artistry line the Libra sign.
  6. Libra is connected with several gemstones including jade, sapphire, marble, and smoky quartz,
  7. Pastel green is its official color, representing love, vitality, and harmony.
  8. As the 7th zodiac sign, Libra belongs to the seventh house.

What is the personality of a Libra sign?

One of the common misconceptions about people born under the Libra sign is that they’re indecisive. The truth is, if you look deeply, you’ll know that it’s a plain misjudgment. They just like weighing things out, whether for themselves or someone else. As a result, when they make decisions, most often, these yield to the best results for all parties involved.

Libra people are also known for being fair and diplomatic. They hate it when the people around them are unhappy because of injustice or inequality. As great as this is, it can also implicate themselves, as they may come off as a people pleaser. Rather than doing it for selfish purposes, Libras do this to establish unity. Dubbed as the peacemaker sign, harmonious is inscribed in the core of a Libra. Seeking peace in every aspect of their life is second nature for them.

Libra can also be seen as remarkably charming, probably because they tend to be only unhappy or frustrated if there’s unfair treatment. Many people with Libra love physical exercise. If there’s someone around you who loves participating in marathons and sports events, odds are, they’re a Libra. These people like spending a significant amount of time balancing every part of themselves.

libra facts

What are Libra Strengths?

1. Great listener
Libra gathers all ideas and information possible before finalizing a decision. Since they hate confrontations and conflicts, they’re the type to listen, instead. Libras are also careful of the words they say when communicating with others so no one gets hurt. And because they listen to each side of the story, they usually come up with fair decisions.

2. Peaceful
Libra’s kind and gentle manner allows them to establish long-lasting relationships with others. They’re very friendly as well and coupled with their easy-going vibes, it’s no wonder why many are attracted to Libra.

3. Smart and clever
Libras love harmless banters and they’re creative with their ideas. They can quickly think of ingenious but logical and fair solutions to problems. Such abilities let them hold their own in any conversation and respond with wit in unexpected ways. This also makes them great company and conversationalists.

4. Romantic
Libra is notorious for their love for romance, which is partly because of their ruling planet, Venus. And as someone who’s fascinated with beauty and excitement, Libras can be totally love-drunk. While they do enjoy flings and romantic relations, they’re highly committed individuals. When choosing life partners, they do it meticulously.

What are Libra Weaknesses?

1. Manipulative
Having the ability to dig deep and spot the weakness of others, Libras can easily manipulate anyone to get what they want. Even when bored, Libras can gravitate toward manipulation.

2. Superficial
Libra people are drawn to beauty, seeing as its ruling planet is Venus. They pamper themselves too much with beautiful and expensive clothes and things. They are also particular with their physical appearance. Sometimes, they can turn critical on how other people look or be wary of hanging out with people who they think are less attractive.

3. Unreliable
Libras have a reputation for being flighty. Sure, they are loads of fun to be around, but when it comes to reliability, they aren’t the best. Lots of Libra are great and loyal friends, but you can’t really trust them to show up to your lunch or dinner plans on time. Also, a Libra often is unable to stand for themselves, thus, it’s hard for anyone to rely on them in serious situations.

4. Non-confrontational
This sign is known as the peacemaker. Great at finding compromise and mediating things within groups, this can also mean that Libra finds it difficult to face their problems. They dislike chaos and conflicts, so when they encounter a problem, they will try to put it off for as long as they can.

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Who should a Libra marry?

Libra people should consider marrying a Gemini, one of its fellow air signs. Both signs share the same vision in life and have similar traits because of their shared element. So, be it intellectually, socially, or sexually, a Gemini is perfect for a Libra. Another good match is Aquarius. Both love socializing and being around people. Also, Libra’s diplomatic side will help counteract Aquarius’s stubborn streak.

Who should a Libra avoid?

As for Libra’s worst match, it would be Pisces and Cancer. While Libra and Pisces are both sensitive, emotional signs who focus on the happiness of others, Pisces isn’t as socially active as Libra. Plus, Libra’s love of variety and Pisces’s nature to sulk and brook when hurt, won’t mix well at all. There’s also Cancer that requires a deep emotional connection whereas Libra is searching for an intellectual one. Cancer has a strong need for security, something that he/she won’t be able to find with Libra as this sign is known for being flighty.


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